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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time to catch up? Shall we?- A Blog By Mark Antonious Richfield

Well, my lovelies, Ms Hauser is tied up...no, I don't mean literally- (she does the tying, mind) and asked if I would step in once again to write her blog. She knows she has been remiss, and for the few fans who actually read her ridiculous ramblings, Ms Hauser offers her apologies for not being on top of things. (yes, she is on top of many things)

Where to begin?

First I shall update you on the director/executive producer/writer/ and all around insane 100lb little package of dynamite:

For those of you who follow her on her social network, she is immersed in the editing process of a hot interracial gay romance feature film called NAKED DRAGON. For those of you who have never had the ...errr hummm...pleasure of constructing a film, one piece at a time, let me assure you it's bloody hard work.
At the present time Ms Hauser and her editor are splicing and dicing the 146 scenes of complex action, dialogue and sound effects onto a massive computer. When I tell you it is fun, yet not so fun, you may be confused.

Fun is seeing the work on the computer coming together - not so fun is missing audio and playing hide and seek whilst searching for missing video clips on a hard drive which rivals the NSA's data bank.

No need to go into too much detail, but shall we say both ladies, after working a full day, sometimes as long as 9 hours plus, need a drink. (or more than 'a' drink)

But the movie crawls to completion none-the-less, one bloody day at a time.

I would not want to be in her tiny, but militaristic shoes. She has her job cut out for her, not to mention, writing a book a month, and trying to please her fans whilst battling trolls.

Enough about the little lady with the big gun and bad attitude.

Okay, about me.
I am trying not to sigh too loudly.

Do you all miss me? I think a majority of you are sick to the flamin' back teeth of me. So when I said 'Goodbye' to Ms Hauser in the last novel, (for those of you who were astute enough to catch that sneaky scene) it was a fond farewell to the series.

But be assured I shall pop in and out, as all my men do to me constantly in every orifice I possess, and we will meet again.

That said, Cheers! to you all, and as the former cop always says,

'Be careful out there.'
And she means it. It's quite a jungle and haters and beasties abound.

Yours always,
Mark Antonious

PS, Steven says hello.
PSS....and no Mr F. No need to be jealous. Ms Hauser and I are only good friends, I assure you.