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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Making of Naked Dragon (part 5) It's a WRAP!

Well, three weeks of working on the new film version of NAKED DRAGON flew by before I could even catch up and look back at it. All the scenes were shot, which each one of us thought at the time was doubtful considering the grueling schedule, the manic pace, the noise, the heat, the cold...well, you get the idea.

But it is done. Pre-production, production, and ready for 'post' production. Post production is not quite as frantic, luckily, but so very important. The most important phase of all. Putting the pieces together. Katiene, my editor, will work like a dog, fitting the scenes in order with the sound. How she does it? I have no clue, but she is an expert and her work, impeccable.

After she gets the rough cut, then my composer will begin the score, the music that is behind the scenes.
A slow process of timing, mood setting, and of course, me trying once again to locate a company that owns the rights and licensing for one song I would love to use in the film. Sadly, not even the bands themselves know who owns their works any longer, and I sent out a half dozen inquiries into figuring it out. But, like the last time, either my music composer will create a new song, or I will write one. These big music companies are impossible to deal with, and I was told last time, it is a full time job for the unlucky person who does the song obtaining, to wind through the maze of who owns what.

So, for all of you waiting for that instant DVD? uh, no. You have a long while before that. And, if this film looks half as good as Katiene says it does, I will try for a theater opening first. What the heck? Still can't find an interracial gay love story out there between an LAPD cop and an FBI profiler, can you?

So, maybe there's a market. One never knows.

Anyway, back here, home, out of the madness of LA, though I love it there, it is quite the brain drain...and physically I need a week to sleep, but books must be written, or there is no other way to fund these films.

All I can say is thank you.
Thank you to a crew who worked so hard, treated me well, and a cast who not only seemed to enjoy their roles, and our great team, but perhaps my little indie film will boost someone up to stardom. Heck, nothing is impossible.
After all, who knew a former patrol officer would be directing her own films one day?
And an even bigger thank you to my fans. You men and women who buy my work legally. Without you? I would not be able to do any of this. And believe me, these films are for you!

Be safe, and look for a new NAKED DRAGON website, twitter, and information soon when the photographer finishes the film poster and I can show off my gorgeous men to all of you.