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Friday, October 10, 2014

And then there were...none

To whomever reads my blog and finds the posts amusing, perhaps this one won't be so amusing.

All good things must come to an end, and my writing is one of those things. After 113 books and that does not include some short stories or anthologies, and two feature films, I have had my fill. What began as a fun challenge, a passion and my love of creating, ever since art school, has become a burden and labor. I no longer have the desire to put pen to paper. So, after the release of Bed and Breakfast, my last full length MM novel, and a short story from the Action! men which will be a free read, that is all there will be from me. Some of you will be very happy about the news, others, maybe not. But this decision is mine and mine alone, and although several friends/authors have tried to persuade me to continue, I won't.
What I will do next is solely my decision, mine alone. I have always gone my own way in life, done things most people have never done, and to be honest, I have no 'bucket list'. I have lived so many lives already, seen the wonders of the world, met amazing people and loved madly truly deeply...

I am happy to say I lived an amazing life; accomplished goals I never imagined I could accomplish. If someone told me while I was in high-school I would have written over a hundred novels and created two feature films before I left the world, I never would have believed them. So maybe I have done more than I ever expected to do.

I tried to let the ignorant see that same sex love was wonderful, beautiful, and very normal. I tried to entertain people with my stories, made amazing fans and friends along the way and have no regrets of any turn my life has taken. I am content.

And...I am done. It is time for me to set the pen aside and no longer worry about what book comes next. I have nothing more to say. There is nothing I haven't done. If you look at the selection of novels I have written, the variety is vast. And I enjoyed trying them all; thrillers, comedy, shape-shifters, vampires, straight romance...it was fun.

I tried my best to help struggling authors...allowing them to use me as a guide or placed their short stories into my novels when no one would publish them. I gave them a voice. I hope they too will give, and not become bitter and angry like the few who lash out at success.

I will not answer emails or posts directed at this decision. There is no discussion about it. Anyone who knows me knows I am a force to be reckoned with, and that includes my personal decisions.

So, there you have it. Two more to go, Bed and Breakfast, and my very last of course, Men Having Sex With Men (in Books). That short is my tribute to my Action! men and the fans who adored them.

Thank you to all of you who have made my writing career challenging and rewarding.

Be safe out there.